What to Expect

What to Expect: The First 72-Hour Orientation

For the first seventy-two hours or less, you will have time to adjust and become acquainted with the staff and our routine. You will be provided the resident handbook. We review it with you and give you a tour of the facility. You will have a session with your counselor, your case manager, your assigned peer support specialist, the dietician and the nurse practitioner. If you choose the Fitness and Recreation Elective, then you will meet with our personal trainer who will help creative a fitness plan to reach your fitness goals. If you choose the Spiritual Elective, we will discuss your options. If you choose the Education and Job training, then we will also discuss your options. You can also attend the scheduled groups if you have time. After all of your assessments, your multidisciplinary team will meet with you to discuss their thoughts and gather your input on your treatment plan. If you are agreeable to the treatment plan, you will sign it and your treatment begins.