Family & Support

Family & Support

At Serenity Hills Life Center, the family when possible, is a part of treatment. We nurture and value the family and their healing process as much as the client. We involve families throughout the treatment process. As a part of this program, we will focus on the perspectives of everyone involved because the client often is not the only one that needs healing. Our family programs help loved ones cope with the collateral effects of addiction, as well as understand the disease and the healing process. Helping families grow in unity, and pursue personal healing & recovery, is our goal.

Family wellness weekend:

  • Participate in a weekend program on Serenity Hills Life Center’s campus
  • Receive education about the science of addiction
  • Engage in workshops to help gain coping skills to help one’s self
  • Participate in a family therapy session with the client
  • Receive complimentary lunch on both days
  • There will be children’s workshops when available


Serenity Hills Life Center offers you help with a loved one, when you do not know where to turn. Our experts can assist with an intervention if needed. We will work with you and your family to prepare for an intervention.

Recovery does not always start with a willingness for treatment.

An intervention may be the right resource to help your loved one who does not know how to begin the process of recovery or does not think they can be successful. We have trained Adult Intervention Specialists available to help. Please call us to see if you think you need help arranging an intervention.