Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment

Continuum of Care

At Serenity Hills, our primary goal is to bring healing to individuals and families who have suffered the damage caused by substance use disorder. We will guide the individual into the most effective program to begin the path to lasting recovery. Our multidisciplinary team of experts will provide a continuum of care plan to meet each individuals’ specific needs. The amount and length of services will also depend on each woman’s needs. Upon completion of treatment goals, clients “step-down” to less intensive care. Our integrated care will incorporate the clients medical, psychological, spiritual, holistic, educational and 12-Step programs.

Clinical Care

Quality Care you deserve

Addiction is Progressive chronic, and life threatening. We assign every person to a counselor who will guide them through each phase of their treatment. Addiction requires treatment from exceptional behavioral health experts, who will address every aspect of the disease. Our highly qualified experts offer a phased treatment regimen of individual, group, and family counseling sessions that are woman-centered and sensitive to the special needs of women who have experienced past traumas.

Medical Care

At Serenity Hills Life Center, we understand that the addiction can affect the health of the person. We also understand there might be underlying health problems or neglected conditions that need addressed. We have dedicated medical staff onsite, but we also work with the patient’s doctors to make sure that full attention is given to the assessment and treatment of any neglected, or underlying conditions. Recovery of the whole person includes attending to the health of each person.