Serenity Hills Life Center is here to help you. When you call, you will be connected with a highly trained, experienced, credentialed and compassionate Admissions Specialist. If you prefer you can visit our online form 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • The pre-admission process includes information gathering which includes, providing consent forms, program packet, medical billing payment information & discussion of payment options, and pre-assessment using SBIRT and ASAM Continuum Criteria Procedures.
  • After all the information is obtained, and the individual meets our criteria for treatment, and the appropriate level of care is determined, the Intake Specialist or designated representative will confirm a bed and admission date will tentatively be set.
  • If the individual needs detoxed, we can help make arrangements with our local partners or in the local area of the individual.
  • The individual must be medically cleared by a physician with proper documentation under the guidelines of Serenity Hills Life Center’s Medical Clearance Form. If medical clearance assistance is needed, we can arrange for a medical clearance.
  • If transportation is needed it can be arranged.

Please note: Serenity Hills Life Center is not an acute care facility. Patients suffering from significant medical and psychological issues must be stabilized before beginning treatment at Serenity Hills Life Center.


General Admission Form

Patient Information Form

Insurance Information Form


Serenity Hills Life Center knows the barriers to treatment caused by transportation needs. We make all efforts to provide and help eliminate those barriers. We provide local transportation and, in some cases, further, or we can meet you at a bus station, train station or airport.