Serenity Hills has worked very hard to secure the former Paul VI Pastoral Center in Wheeling, WV to bring a much-needed long-term residential program to our valley and state. Serenity Hills is now asking for your help with this cause to stop the devastation and save lives. We are focusing on the main gap in our community which is women, pregnant women, mothers and women veterans. We will later help focus on men also.

Our Mission: Transforming lives in extraordinary ways.

Our Vision: Serenity Hills Life Center endeavors to provide a state of the art Recovery Center nestled in the beautiful hills of WV. Creating a person centered, safe and healthy environment that is tailored to the needs of each individual. Thus, fostering an awakening and healing of self and families whose lives are broken from addiction. Nurturing the whole self for sustainable recovery.


Main Facility 36 Bedrooms holding 2 people per room/ holding 72 beds- to renovate which would include bathrooms, furniture where needed, painting, bedding and curtains
Per Room- 10,000/per room needed. Name the room.
Wing- Includes 12 rooms- $30,000 name the wing
Or All 3 wings- Donate and Pledge- $90,000 Name all the wings

Chapel: Donate $30,000- Name the chapel- this will include: chairs, altar/lectern, kneelers and faith based curriculum and sound system

2 Public Bathrooms (1st Floor)- $12000- To help with renovations and to be up to date with ADA regulations

Learning Library

Library and Education Room- $16,000 needed -Used for GED and job training, this would be for the purchase for books, bookcases, desks and painting. Full donation amount will name the room

Dining Room
Dining Room: $40,000 needed- This would include new tables, chairs, décor, new lighting and painting
Full donation will include naming the room.

Kitchen: $30,000 needed- some new kitchen equipment, appliances, lighting, dinnerware and painting

Main Lobby
Main Lobby: $45,000 needed- New furniture, fireplace, large wall television, painting and décor
Full donation will include naming the lobby.

Yoga/Music/Massage Therapy Room
$15,000 needed – This will include massage tables, reclining chairs, and musical instruments
Full donation will include naming this room.

Gym: $ 50,000 needed. This will include gym equipment, painting, towels and refrigerator
Full donation will include naming the Gym

Six Apartments
Apartments: $55,000 needed. Three apartments will be used for onsite staff, one apartment will be used for emergency overnight staffing and two apartments will be used for visitation for mothers and their babies. This will include a new central kitchen, dining room, living room, fireplace, outdoor fencing
Full donation will include naming the apartment complex

Outpatient Lobby/Therapy Offices
Outpatient Lobby/Therapy offices: $45000 needed. This is for renovation, painting, new desks, files and lobby furniture.
Full donation will include naming the outpatient lobby/therapy offices

Outdoor Activity Area
Outdoor activity area: $40,000 needed. This space will be used for outdoor activities that will be fenced in and used for recreation, pet therapy and child/family visitations. This is for landscaping, fencing, sand volleyball/ basketball court, firepit, benches and swing set
Full donation will include naming this area

Back Patio/Back Sidewalk
Back patio and back sidewalk: $ 25,000 needed. This will be used for sidewalk that will go from the parking lot to the outpatient therapy and outdoor backyard relaxation and recreation.
Full donation will include naming the patio

Hot Water Tanks
Two hot water tanks/ One storage tank- $25,000 needed.

Diesel Generator- $235,000 needed

Any donation will be appreciated and helpful. If 75% or more is donated for the main facility, you will be able to name the entire building.

Total cost of main building: $753,000

Pregnant Mothers House

Pregnant Mothers House: $219,000 needed. This will be the house where the pregnant women stay until they give birth to their babies. This amount includes: new renovated kitchen, bathrooms, painting, furniture, outside renovations, fencing, new electric heating/cooling, landscaping, office furniture, televisions, computers, appliances and generator.

Halfway House

Halfway House: $64,000 needed. This will include new electrical heating/cooling, furniture, painting, new countertops and outdoor furniture.

Main Entrance of property
Fencing with electronic gate in main entrance and security stations: $40,000 needed.

Total needed for capital campaign: $1,076,000